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Brief note about ubiquitous communications

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I was just reminded of an ‘old’ thought, which I hadn’t written down anywhere. Nothing too relevant, though…

The reminder was in 10 More Future Web Trends, the prediction about “Integration into everyday devices”. I had played with a thought of applying XMPP to that domain: all those embedded terminals would contain simple XMPP clients and they would publish themselves as my latest communications resource as soon as I’d entered their presence. Thus, all my communications would follow me effortlessly. The terminals could—for example—use known bluetooth device addresses (ie., phones) to authenticate people, I guess it’s signal would be enough short-range for routing communcations somewhat correctly. Though, if I’d have the phone with me all the time what would be the point… But it’d be oh so neat. :)Nabaztag

Also, link-local would offer more lightweight m2m-comms compared to upnp.

Ah, and of course the Nabaztag should support natively use XMPP. That’s so trivial.

Tags: XMPP, Internet, Future


Written by Janne Savukoski

September 26, 2007 at 9:06 pm

Posted in Future, Internet

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