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Speculating the Google Phone

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Update 09/10: For some more ideas, see here: The Gphone is coming; how Google could rewrite the rules.

In the latest episode of GigaOM Show, Ryan Block of Engadget presented some interesting speculation about the rumored Google Phone. Ryan suggested that the Gphone would be a mobile terminal for Google’s data in the cloud—a rather obvious proposition, for sure. Although, I’d rather consider it as a client to services in the cloud, instead of mere data.

But hey, just watch the show.

[Google is] building a mobile operating system, and they want to make it flexible, extensible, expandable, and open.

(Based on a software platform by Android, which was bought by Google.)

Supposedly a Gphone’s placement was suggested to be against the more generic platforms like Nokia’s S60 and Windows Mobile, whereas iPhone has its own, more specific segment.

I’m expecting the Gphone to be an extremely interesting platform—if it ever materializes—but what I seriously would like to see (finally!) is a PC-kind of hardware standard for mobile devices. So that like with PC’s, individual hardware components would be upgradeable (memory, processor) and you could perhaps even add one or two additional components, like an RFID reader, a crypto/security chip, or even a 3D-graphics accelerator for fancier mobile game graphics; think mobile World of Warcraft client.

Btw., the GigaOM Show is one of my favorites, I recommend. Om is the man. :)

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Written by Janne Savukoski

September 9, 2007 at 7:40 pm

Posted in Technology

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  1. I’m expecting the Gphone to be an extremely interesting platform—if it ever materializes
    >> I expect to discover the first Google phones by the end of the Summer 2008.

    GPS / 3G / Wi-Fi / + Google Apps (Gmail, Google Maps, calendar, Blogger, …) will be enough for my needs.


    March 15, 2008 at 6:49 pm

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