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Ah, just occurred me that perhaps I should elaborate that Java-hyping of mine a little.  But, alas, it reminded me about Scala and of course a comparison reveals a lot more about my valuations than what just defining the relationship with Java would. (Furthermore still, I’m sorry for not being much of a storyteller, so also this story won’t be too long.)

Clacker ToyAs a language, Java has really bored me right from the beginning (from the time when bytecode was still punched to cards; and that cafebabe was a cool joke!)  Basically, Java is just such a toy.  Generics and NIO1 helped a bit, but it’s still right next to Javascript; or about.  But it’s just that it has the most awesome collection of useful/candy stuff and a helluva lot of very talented people busy developing more.  And Java is very robust and secure — eg. that Java apps can’t have buffer overflow bugs.  It makes application development simple and fast.  Naturally, it was because of this simplicity that it gained such popularity, but it didn’t much lessen the boreness factor.  However, now it’s all going to change as we add Scala on top of all the existing Java goodness!  (Wishful thinking, if nothing else…)  (I had similar kinds of thoughts regarding JRuby, but it still feels like some kind of a compromise; however, that case is still open.)

However, Scala seems just insane very nice!

“There are several other languages that try to bridge the gap between the functional and object oriented paradigms. Smalltalk, Python, or Ruby come to mind. Unlike these languages, Scala has an advanced static type system, which contains several innovative constructs. This aspect makes the Scala definition a bit more complicated than those of the languages above. On the other hand, Scala enjoys the robustness, safety and scalability benefits of strong static typing. Furthermore, Scala incorporates recent advances in type inference, so that excessive type annotations in user programs can usually be avoided.”

A genuine impression— from ‘Scala Rationale

That’s like a major *drool*! All the cool Java library & frameworks stuff and add a complex powerful functional language on top of that!  Fuck, yes!

Hmm, I guess I could retroactively instantiate yet-another-list-of-predictions-for-2007 with Scala becoming popular… At least I’ll definitely be evaluating it at the next possible instant.

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1) NIO may not be counted as an actual language feature per se, but I still consider it as one of the most important things in Java (and it’s a lot of fun!)


Written by Janne Savukoski

January 3, 2007 at 12:29 am

Posted in Programming

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