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Nokia E70Well, nothing much, actually. I managed to configure my E70’s SIP settings and now I can make and receive VoIP calls with it over WLAN. 3G data connection suits as well, but why not then just make an ordinary phone call — unless you have an unlimited data plan, which costs 30€/mo on my operator. My phone bill doesn’t justify buying that — we have the lowest mobile tariff rates in Europe, IIRC — so my VoIP carrier shall be just WLAN for now.

I ended up using SIPphone as it provides the simplest end-user addresses (savukoski@sipphone.com), but also sipgate, PBXes, and FWD worked fine. So, I can now be reached from my mobile also with Google Talk using gtalk2voip.com — for free, of course. The phone works pretty smoothly, as it can be set to connect (register itself) to the SIP service automatically when any configured WLAN is available. Couldn’t get any simpler.

I also installed the X-Lite softphone on my laptop so I can choose which device to use for talking. Both of them ring on incoming calls and the call is routed to the client that is answered first. Very simple. (Both devices are ‘portable’, but the phone is still a bit more comfortable for calling. :) Though, the device doesn’t matter that much as my bluetooth headset supports being connected to the laptop and phone simultaneously. Well, the answer button of it works only with the phone, so I guess I’ll end up accepting more calls through the mobile… talk about transport agnosticism. :)

I guess SIMPLE is still out of scope (as in the phone not supporting it), but this is already very nice.

If you want more info about something here, you’re welcome to ask!

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Written by Janne Savukoski

November 28, 2006 at 1:19 pm

Posted in Technology

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