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Age of programmable business networks

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Just a moment ago came the programmable webtops and now we’re back into a bit more versatile hosted application platforms (+Microsoft and some ecosystems etc.) Lot’s of communities. These specialty/value-added platforms are good as I was kind of getting bored to that ‘PHP only’-kind of hosted web server providers. Very few even managed to get the Java hosted, and they still dared to charge money – ok, I was just setting context here. :)

But yay, now we’re going to have a very nice orchestration and integration topping over all this web services offering (a better list). Long live REST and SOAP! And remember kids, REST is for noobs and SOAP is for the leet. And what’s with all the BPEL bashing? (Nice redux, btw.) I think all this antagonism is a bit off-course. Going little off-topic here (like I was having any… harrr!) but I preserve the right to include this reminder: “BPEL is the XML glue that binds Web Services into cohesive units [and so on].” Isn’t that just great or what? Just all you enterprisey folks keep your durrty BPM hands off of this nice web services programming language. The 2.0 is already working well. All the (trans)portability etc. might be nice extra features, but not that critical – for me, at least, which admittedly may not be much. Well, on the other hand, I’m the developer programmer…

A choreography-directory anyone? It could get handy soon with all svc2svc interaction scenarios… ah, an ad pause: The Wealth of Networks (yes, of course the link is affiliate-tagged; please, some love?.. – you’re not going to get it read online anyways) And I just never get this one finished.

It was pretty nice of Ghalimi to be so advertisy towards the Connect, since their BPMS is kind-of head2head with the Cordys’ offering. But hey, I ♥ PXE, fwiw! Ok, currently there’s a minor flux with this Ode situation, but apparently Intalio will be adopting Ode as the core of the Intalio|BPMS – I hope? No parallel forks, please.

So, all we need now is a platform for platforms. Such a thing could provide monetization and meritocracy features… Just kidding! :)

But yes, it’ll be interesting to see how this platform business and ecosystems begin to gear up. This post was just a kind of short remark. Sorry if the title promised too much, I just wanted to note the present state of the internet evolution with it.

Technorati: Web Service, Orchestration, Mashup, BPMS, BPEL, Ecosystem, Platform

PS. Haha, this was funny: my del.i collection turns up second when googlingprogramming platform ecosystem web2.0”. I’m sooo on the edge! :) Well ok, that result set may not be a global phenomenon.

PPS. I’m sorry for these shallow writings, it’s just that I must priorize other stuff above this blog thingy. I’d very much want to ponder upon these great developments, but that must wait for now.

Update 09/28: Added links to pi4soa and xmethods.

Update 09/29: Ah, I stumbled upon the relationship between WebEx and SAP (leading to Intalio, obviously). Apparently they have segmented out the competition.

Update 10/13: Updated Abgenial to Teqlo and added link to Apex article.

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Written by Janne Savukoski

September 27, 2006 at 8:20 pm

Posted in Internet

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