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Replicator for DVI (and about ThinkPad business)

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IBM Port Replicator III received my IBM Port Replicator II a couple of days ago and oh man how I love the DVI signal!! ♥♥ :) My otherwise wonderful ThinkPad T42 (getting old, yes, but not too fast with 1½GB) has only an analog video-out on board and you need one of these replicators for digging out the digital signal. I hadn’t bought the dock up until now as the IBM spec says that the DVI port supports ‘resolutions’ (/dimensions) only up to SXGA (1280×1024), which is not nearly good enough. But then, I felt lucky and googled out that it actually should push my UXGA display (1600×1200), and more! And it really works! Oh, glory! No More Shadows!! But, I could still use e.g. twice the UXGA+SXGA+ area I currently have. You just can’t have enough display area. And, while I have only 120dpi resolution, the poor kids get 200dpi! Just not right.. :)

Ah, can’t.. resist.. talking.. about the machine itself.. There’s just no other real laptop computer than the ThinkPad. It’s the only ‘heavy duty’ machine out there. The robustness is just of its own class. All other laptops are just cheap plastic toys compared to these. Ok, Toughbooks may be up to the challenge on the plain body robustness part, but then there are all the other hardware features, like the best keyboard in the world; and ThinkLight!! :) . And those maintenance manuals.. Just beautiful! There are really detailed guides of how to take the whole machine apart. I don’t know how smart it may be from IBM’s part :) but I love the dedication! That’s just excellent customer service. (I haven’t checked how Lenovo is doing.)

It’s a pity that this excellent engineering and customer service is just not economically feasible. Even serious businesses buy Dell and sh*t like that. (wtf is wrong with these people?) And apparently there aren’t so many reasonable corporations – like Nokia – who respect the quality. For example, do I want to buy Dell-quality software? Hell no! And that’s exactly what all those companies are communicating with their tooling (computers). Professionalism shows everywhere, especially in the equipment used for designing/manufacturing your products.

It’s no wonder that Lenovo needs to cut the quality to increase sales and profit, but it’s just so unfortunate. And it’s no easy job to get the quality this high; no small manufacturer can do it. So, if ThinkPad goes down, it’ll take some time until any other manufacturer gets its shit together so well. I want quality hardware! Please!

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Written by Janne Savukoski

September 20, 2006 at 10:44 pm

Posted in Technology

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