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New Geeky Hoodie Design!

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AFK BRB HoodieI couldn’t find the kind of geeky hoodie design I wanted, so I had to craft one myself. The world isn’t made yet!

I used Zazzle to fulfill this creative passion of mine, which is great as now everyone can get one (or more) of those shirts!! :) And I get a generous 10 % of each sale! I’m gonna be soooo rich!!

I just love (being in the tip of) the long tail…

The picture was drawn with GIMP (how else?) and the font is Blibbo Light SF. I have no idea where I’ve found the font or what is its license. I thought I’d found it from dafont, but it wasn’t there. Googling and stringing doesn’t help much either. If you want your license to be obeyed, make it available! Btw., dafont is a wonderful place, even for just browsing around.

Tags: web2.0, design, business

P.S. I must beg your pardon as I promised not to use this blog for advertising. But this is my product! I cry for mercy!!

P.P.S. I tempt my faith: the infant crawler version is pretty humorous :)

Update 09/11: I just learned how to potentially get 17 % of the sales! HUGE!! :)


Written by Janne Savukoski

September 11, 2006 at 7:49 pm

Posted in Diary

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