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Allen Guides How to Be Prepared

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I just finished reading the Allen’s GTD-book (sorry for being this late).  I almost got disappointed a bit, but then the conclusive chapters brought the whole work beautifully together and presented a really strong motivation for all the methodology. I find the management of unexpected events a really important ability; it makes it possible to seize the moment.

For example, if a wonderful opportunity would present itself right about now, it would be an awful waste to let it pass by just because I wasn’t prepared! And I believe this really is the dominant state for most people. Everybody has gathered so much stuff around that needs to be taken care of and managed, so that it is practically impossible to just suddenly hop on the next flight to the valley.

That was my aha moment and it definitely made the book worth reading. It was probably a good thing that it wasn’t stated that clearly right in the beginning (well, I just probably missed it) as it needed the rest of the book as context. Otherwise, I believe this magnificent conclusion would have been hard to understand (I probably didn’t; in the beginning that is.)

Btw., I don’t know if the Scouts are having the “be prepared”-motto with the same kind of ideology.

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Written by Janne Savukoski

September 2, 2006 at 4:23 pm

Posted in Diary

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