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Yay, Good Luck WSO2!

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I just discovered the company WSO2, and what they’re doing sounds really fascinating. (Interesting how it had slipped my zillion-blog-entries-per-day radar..) It’s cheerful that also Intel is helping (and counting on) the web service -ecosystem to evolve. I truly wish that in a few years a noticeable part of business services — in global scale — will be delivered using the WS-standards. As it should sound a bit sci-fi (or you’re not getting it), it’s good to remark that they’re already doing a hell of a lot traditional business around SL also. This WS-stuff is quite moderate compared to that.

Actually, what made me look more carefully was the name Weerawarana, which was very familiar from several web service -related articles. There are currently 6 references in my thesis bibliography — mostly WSDL and BPEL stuff — which are authored by him.

I wonder what kind of sensations were related to his transition from IBM to an independent entrepreneur. For me, such transition is being quite a thrill.

Addition: The product of WSO2, Tungsten, sounds highly familiar, so it was only the company I had missed..

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Written by Janne Savukoski

August 29, 2006 at 9:45 pm

Posted in Business

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