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Artw, Fuck You

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Enterprise 2.0was a really good addition to Wikipedia, although only a very fresh stub still. What the fuck did this moron Artw think when he decided to request a speedy deletion on it? Ok, gladly they’re improving it and all this shit will result in a better article. But please, Artw, use a couple of minutes to check who you pissed out. Does it make you want to admit that you’re a donkey-fucking asshole? Drop your 2.0-antagonism and try to really understand the global culture. The issues at hand here are much broader than just a trendy term. However, I wouldn’t place my bets on that your intelligence and self-consciousness are up to understanding any of this.

Update 09/04: Added link.

Update 09/14: Okay, okay!! This wasn’t the most appropriate post, but it’s still just a blog post! I don’t want to make this blog utterly strict! (Ok, some manners wouldn’t hurt.) But, to err is human; and to haste, too. No vain regrets. Past cannot be changed, only learned upon. And anyway, I was probably just shooting the messenger.

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Written by Janne Savukoski

August 24, 2006 at 11:09 am

Posted in Culture

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  1. Uh oh!

    Hold it and tune it down boy, no use on getting your pants wet over one small wikipedia request :)


    September 4, 2006 at 7:04 pm

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