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I Became a FONero!

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Hell yeah! A moment ago a UPS-fellow brought me my FON social router! How nice. Now I’m officially FONero #70870! The setup was brain-dead easy.  I just had to take the bill-option, as I want to feel how the economics work. However, I believe no alien will ever use this connection, my location being a bit less than optimal..

Well, actually I had to connect my legacy wireless access point to the FON-router to get myself a crypted connection. No security can be used with the router, which I knew to expect. However, everything works like a charm and I’m very pleased. I also have three ports still available on the router. I’m intending to plug my server to one of those.

The router software felt fine, although it’s pretty simple. The web page however stated that this is the advanced software, so the basic must really match the name. It’s neat to have a linux running the router. I might even consider tweaking it a bit (think XMPP…) But for now it’ll be just standing there, waiting for fellow FONeros.

Ah, there was one humangous disappointment.. the package didn’t contain any stickers! They promised it would contain at least two FON-stickers! I want schwag! Lot’s of schwag! Gimmie stickers!

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Written by Janne Savukoski

August 1, 2006 at 11:53 am

Posted in Culture, Diary, Technology

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